Navigating Your Own Path

Navigating Your Own Path

Many individuals have a gap between who they are and who they actually want to be (or are capable of being).

Navigating Your Own Path? In order to bridge any kind of physical gap (ie get nearer the destination) it’s often necessary to consult a map. That’s because a map allows us to see exactly where we need to go and how to get there. It also shows us where we currently right at this moment in time.

By knowing this it makes putting up with any obstacles or deviations to the route along the way much easier to understand and handle. Meanwhile when on your path, if you feel you’re encountering too many obstacles, just remember the words of writer and cartoonist, Frank A. Clark: “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

Before you start that journey towards who you really want to be it’s necessary to identify your own weaknesses and strengths. Do a bit of self-analysis and see if you can answer some of the big questions such as what makes you unhappy and in which areas do you lack confidence? At the same time what is the talent that has got you to where you are today? What’s you biggest motivator and what’s really holding you back from reaching your destination?

When on your journey and encountering obstacles, if the latter are too big or frequent then it’s fine to take an alternative route (that’s what a GPS would do, after all). In life it’s called re-evaluating. The main thing is to keep moving towards your destination.


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