Tales of a Life Coach – Up Periscope!

Over the past decade or so social media has transformed the lives of millions, if not billions. There are so many platforms that I’ve not even heard of half of them or understand how they work. I’m forever being told ‘Pete, you’ve just got to try out X’ or ‘Y is the next big thing, that’s where you need to be.’

When the whole social media phenomena began, I was as sceptical as the next man but, nevertheless, eventually dipped my toe and got sucked in. I live a pretty crazy life, so my main reason for starting up with Facebook was to let my Mum know what I was up to.

I knew she’d be interested but I had no idea so many others would like my output. It was the same with Twitter a while later and I soon found I’d attracted thousands of followers on both platforms. This made me realise I could use social media for constructive purposes.

Going on social media, I sometimes feel like I’m adrift in a sea of random and inane flotsam and jetsam. Some people are happy with the endless cat videos and toddler snaps – whatever floats their boat is fine by me – but some of these platforms offer real and present potential – just ask Barack Obama – so that’s how I try to approach them.

I want to harness that potential and use it to do something positive. Use the skills and experience I’ve built up to help people make changes and to progress in their lives.
Not long ago, a friend suggested I check out something new called Periscope and at first I thought it was just another wannabe platform. But then I was told it enables you to broadcast live to the world. That piqued my interest, so I gave it a go and the very first thing I saw was Snoop Dogg kicking back with an enormous combustible . . . .

“Hmm, there could be something to this!”

Periscope allows you to tell your tale. It allows you to share your journey with like-minded people and I believe it has the power to make a difference.

Anyone can broadcast and anyone can tune in. Your viewers can comment as you broadcast and ask you questions in real-time – it’s wonderfully democratic, simple and interactive and it allows conversations to start and stories to be shared.

And that’s just what I want to do – share as much positivity as possible.

Call it my manifesto, call it what you like, but I want to use Periscope to help people create a better life for themselves. I want to help people with their fears and phobias and I want to help them achieve their goals. Whether it’s running a marathon or writing a novel, I want to people realise their hopes, dreams and potential.

Working towards that, I’ve committed to a making a live broadcast every single weekday at 7am UK time and I’m using it to spread positive messages – it’s called Tales of a Life Coach.
Think of it as free resource, think of it as a top coach dispensing advice for nothing, think of it what you will, but it’s there and I’m there to be exploited. All I want in return is for thousands of people to join in the conversation and share their positive tales too.

We all want to live a happy life and we all recognise constructive changes we could make to improve things. We’re all on a journey, so let’s share it with the world and create a snowball effect of positivity!

Download Periscope, search Pete Cohen and dive into the experience – let’s make a difference together.

Tales of a Life Coach - Up Periscope!
Article Name
Tales of a Life Coach - Up Periscope!
Download Periscope, search Pete Cohen and dive into the experience – let’s make a difference together.


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