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Testimonials about Pete Cohen

“An incredible man who has inspired us all!” ~Jan Gibson – Brightlife

“Pete not only created a great first impression, he created a great lasting impression. Staff are still using the tools he demonstrated.” ~Head of Corporate Training, Northern Rock

“  Pete Cohen is an excellent coach and a great example of how to motivate yourself for change. He  worked with our senior management team at a major conference and this showed how effectively he could home in on what needs to happen and then to galvanise people to make a positive change. Good fun too.”

~Chris Chugg HR Director Boehringher Ingelheim

“I’ve seen Pete make a difference to peoples’ lives and I believe he can make a difference to yours.” ~Roger Black MBE – Olympic Silver Medallist

“Pete Cohen’s ability to help people transcend their unwanted habits fears and phobias is amazing. With his methods, so much is possible”. ~Dr Hilary Jones GMTV

“Pete Cohen’s expertise is matched only by his enthusiasm for helping people improve their lives. He has honed his skills by working with a broad range of clients from those with complex problems to sports champions.” ~Paul McKenna

“After working alongside him I feel that he really is someone who can motivate you and help you focus on what you want to achieve.” ~Sally Gunnell, Olympic and World Champion Athlete

Coach Duck

“…Pete Cohen is a star” ~Marie Claire Magazine

“…he is a natural” ~The Sunday Times

“…Pete makes you feel good” ~The Evening Standard

“…you should come out feeling like a winner”. ~Hello Magazine.

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