Being Yourself – With Yourself

How much do you trust others? Gaining someone’s trust takes time but not necessarily effort. At least not if you’re genuine.

People will trust you if, when engaging with them, you focus on their best interests rather than your own. That way they will be willing to listen to you and even allow you to influence them. But gaining someone’s trust isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do. That’s because in order to do it you have to do something solely for someone else’s benefit. That means you receive no personal gain whatsoever (other than the altruistic pleasure of helping someone).

It probably won’t surprise you to know that being sincere is easier when you don’t have any pre-recorded script in front of you. Instead, it’s all about seeing people as individuals and whose needs you could perhaps fulfill. In other words, the kind of mindset you don’t want to have is one which regards people as a means to end. What you should be doing is seeing those same people as the end in itself.

This is obviously the type of thing that is easier to do when you understand your own motives ie when you can distinguish whether you’re doing something ultimately out of self-interest or your actions are solely for someone else’s benefit. It therefore makes sense to always examine your own motives when attempting to make a big decision over something important in your life – a relationship, large purchase, career move, signing a new deal etc.

Being Yourself - With Yourself
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Being Yourself - With Yourself
How much do you trust others? Gaining someone's trust takes time but not necessarily effort. At least not if you're genuine.


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